What are the signs and symptoms of breast cancer?

Some of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer include:

  • a change in size or shape
  • a lump or area that feels thicker than the rest of the breast
  • a change in skin texture such as puckering or dimpling (like the skin of an orange)
  • redness or rash on the skin and/or around the nipple
  • your nipple has become pulled in or looks different, for example, changed its position or shape
  • a liquid that comes from the nipple without squeezing
  • pain in your breast or your armpit that’s where all or almost all of the time
  • swelling in your armpit or around your collarbone
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Checking Your Breasts

18 Jun 2016 Medical

Whatever your age, size or shape, it’s important to be breast aware and check your breasts regularly.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, so it’s important to look after your breasts by checking them regularly. Getting to know how your breasts look and feel will help you know what is normal for you. You will then be more confident about noticing any unusual changes that might be a symptom of breast cancer and reporting them to your GP (local doctor).

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Am I at risk of breast cancer?

1. Breast cancer risk

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. One out of every eight women and one out of every 870 men will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Most breast cancers (80%) occur in women over the age of 50.

We don’t fully understand why some people get breast cancer and some don’t. Research suggests that breast cancer is caused by lots of different factors, many of which we can’t control.

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